• QualitAdd GDPR © Having the software which fits the methodological framework to set your GDPR Compliance

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  • QualitAdd, the leading software provider of solutions dedicated to the data governance frameworks

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  • QualitAdd Data Governance © Controlling our Insurance and bank regulated compliance

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Solutions based on a methodological approach

Our softwares have been implemented using proven methodologies recognized by leading bank and insurance companies. We assist our clients in structuring implementation and the perpetuation of their data governance & data quality mechanisms in accordance with regulatory framework.

Our Services


  • Regulatory Compliance

    Solvency 2, BCBS 239 and GDPR provide requirements in terms of data governance management. Building on this expertise, QualitAdd developed solutions taking these requirements into account to best meet regulations.

  • Reliability & Efficiency

    Our Software contribute to minimize operational risks, strengthen your decision making and provide instant follow up management of your data quality, information system and roles and responsibilities. Resulting in flowing and relevant information to share with you coworkers.

  • Be monitored and supported over time

    We offer technical support as well as a specialized and renowned expertise for as long as our solutions occur.

Leading companies trusted us


Dynamism and innovation

QualitAdd is growing fast. Working with us is being innovative and part of a dynamic adventure.